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- 07/10/2022

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

As planned and prepared since beginning of the year, the DECIDER project will carry out a major field campaign at Ho Chi Minh City in October, 2022.

A brief overview of the major activities in the field campaign are as following:

  • Oct 04, Tuesday: The project consortium will take a half day excursion to some flood sites and sluicegates in HCMC.
  • Oct 05, Wednesday: An internal project meeting with all DECIDER partners will take place at SIWRR.
  • Oct 06, Thursday: An open stakeholder meeting with invited stakeholders will be organized at the MARD’s office in HCMC.
  • Oct 07, Friday: A research visit to key institutions of the People’s Committee, HCMC.


Details of the agenda of the stakeholder meeting are available in the graphs below.